It is a simple project. This is a collection of the plugins that I use daily adapted for a version of Ollydbg v1.10 modified, with the aim of avoiding detections by the malware at the time of its analysis. In addition I have included a button with a revision of my 4n4lDetector tool, improving its utilities and correcting some faults. Names of libraries, binaries and controls have been changed. You can return to this web page from the "Help > EnelpcDBG Info" tab, in case new updates are published. Tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 32 and 64 bit.

It is important to install the "@enelpc" folder in the root of "C:/".

Pass: 4n0nym0us
Some photos:

4n4lDetector loader...

4n4lDetector new revision...
[+] Fix a bug (fucking bitch!) with the option "-TXT" for executions per console.
[+] Added the possibility of opening LNK files to automatically resolve the executable path.
[+] The "Add File" button allows you to perform a simple file search.


  Saludos 4n4les! ;)

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